Jemimah Patterson   

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Biddenden Maids  
Solo exhibition at Ryebank Gallery in Rye, 4 Dec -12 Jan 2022. Jemimah exhibited her latest pieces in the beautiful Woollett Room of Ryebank. This marked the first opportunity to see Jemimah's work exhibited in her locality since moving to Kent.

The legend goes that that Mary & Eliza Chulkhurst were born in Biddenden in the 16th Century conjoined at their hips, the pair became known as 'The Biddenden Maids' and were reportedly celebrated village do-gooders. Today, the once conjoined Jemimah Patterson now finds herself as a new re-incarnated 'Biddenden Maid' living in a 16th Century house in Biddenden. It seems very pertinent that Jemimah's first exposure here makes a nod to this uncanny coincidence.......

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